Welcome to where you can find me and my stuff.


I write books, design card games and create software.

I'm a landscape gardener who loves building sheds and yurts.

I'm also an English teacher - if you need one, join the queue.


Some things are free, others you must pay for.

In this brave new world, I do not host downloads any more.

Instead I communicate via email and deliver items by post.


You can contact me personally via ashmoonfruit@gmail.com

Hijack Detail


HIJACK - There's no time to take turns with a bomb on the plane! It's survival of the quickest in this fast, highly tactical game.

TRIP - Nurture your good vibes on your chilled-out journey to hippie nirvana. Maybe check out that lava lamp. Wow, man - that's heavy!

    Email me to buy copies and receive pdf guides and freebies.



LIFE - An ecosystem simulator with a dynamic climate where you can intervene and watch the consequences.

UBEROCK - Rock, paper, scissors ...fire, water, monkey, and tree. Collect bananas and take all out all three of the cunning AI's monkeys.

    Both of these games are FREE! Just email me and ask.



NINETY-NINE GAMES - The largest ever collection of new games and variants by one designer.

PHILOSOPHY - An account of my world view - rooted in reason inspired by Nature, and practical.

LATHA - A grammar, dictionary and guide to one of my fantasy languages. I have designed a few, and I'm always happy to meet another 'conlanger'.

PENTAGRAM - An anthology of my poems, on everything from human nature to Mother Nature.

    You can buy any of my books from by www.lulu.com


I give away PDFs for free, including 'The Economics Delusion', a recipe for a proper Cornish pasty, and a guide to creating a simple language.


I also made a film about Pilpintuwasi, the Amazon Animal Sanctuary.

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